Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fatherhood in Form

When all else crumbles and falls
When evil men forsake God's laws
Biblical fatherhood stands firm
When all others fail to meet the term

Courageous fathers create the might
For a nation to rise and fight
A peoples' standard is what makes them free
And this is what good fathers see

True fatherhood will lead the way
Invest in their children every day
Train the next generation what's right
So they will never forsake God's Light

Fatherhood's form stands straight and tall
Strong and ruled by God's Law
Every thought captive to God's Word
With greed and lust they can't be lured

Godly fathers won't flow with the flow
Or blow wherever the wind listeth to go
The armor of God's Word makes them strong
And prepares them to battle right from wrong

The form of a father ought to be brave
With a legacy they'll take to their grave
No feminized man to be our lead
But a righteous and bold man we need

Alas, this day so many men lack
To carry their gun and hoist their pack
Men have failed as soldiers of God
To spread liberty wherever they trod

But hope remains among the dust
Not all men have begun to rust
Fatherhood's form is rising in men
Who bravely stand to fight and win

A father cannot just be any man
It takes more than most men can
It's sacrifice until the very end
And raging storms that God does send

Reward always seems so far out of reach
Until little ones live what you did teach
God will bless the righteous even in trial
And give them strength for every mile

The simple and weak will not last
But will fade far away into the past
Only true fathers will never die
As their memories rise in triumph's cry

History will remember their day
Of how they rose to pave the way
They never gave up no matter the cost
Or worldly pleasures that were lost

God gave them strength to press on
And gird their bodies in manly brawn
These men—courageous, fearless, and bold
Fight with the Sword that they hold


Kelsey said...

What a beautiful blog here !! I am so happy I found it:-)

Blessings in Him,

Rachel said...

Thank you, Kelsey! I hope you enjoy it. =)

Joy said...

Lovely poem, Rachel; you are really really gifted at poetry, and it is lovely when you use it for God's glory and for the edification of His people!

Lots of love,
~Joy @

Rachel said...

Thank you, Joy!