Thursday, March 8, 2012

Silver Wisdom

When I was a little girl
My daddy was young and strong
His beard was full and red
Full of life—like a song

As I grew older
Little white hairs adorned his beard
Little worry lines creased his face
Because of the children he reared

The years came and went
Silver wisdom continued to grow
Because of life's many struggles
White hairs would not go

I cannot look at him
Without feeling sad
But I have to remember
The more times he made me glad

His white hairs give him wisdom
They tell of a productive life
Silver wisdom gives him the credit
Of not following the piper's fife

One day every hair will be white
But I shan't shed many tears
For they are a sign of love to me
That tell of memorable years

His wisdom I can always trust
Silver hairs give him a dapper look
He's a king wreathed in shining armor
Like a silver knight from an ancient book

Silver wisdom will grow every year
From time to time I may cry
But I'll always remember his white hairs
With a happy and wistful sigh


Joy said...

I love this, Rachel! It is so true as well, and the poem is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
In His love,

Rachel said...

Thank you, Joy!