Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Blog in the Family!

Dear avid and faithful readers of my blog (I know, I like being optimistic),

Recently Mama began a new blog called Back Home in Indianain honor of some news that has been released—quite thrilling news in fact.  You can also read the story I wrote for Vision Forum's 2012 story contest.
 Head on over and check out all the news!  And maybe even follow Mama's blog (hint, hint). =)

Until next time (and it will be soon, you have my word, for I have an insatiable desire to blog for some unknown reason),

Semper Reformanda


Joy said...

It looks like a lovely blog... and wow, you're heading back to Indiana?! After hearing how Grace just LOVES Indiana, I can tell you're all quite happy, right? I pray the Lord guides you on this new journey, wherever it will lead, and be with you too! By the way, I got your e-mail and I'll be replying soon =D.

In His love,

Rachel said...

Yes, we're going back home to Indiana where we were born and raised. God is leading us, just as He always does, in the right direction, and this move will open up many new and wonderful prospects for us!

Thank you!