Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Issue of Modesty, pt.2

Just what would be considered modest? That can be a major problem. But, there isn't any specific verse that tells just what is considered modest. After all, times change anyway. But that isn't an excuse to wear whatever is fashionable at the time. Let's try to figure this thing out.

When Adam and Eve were first made, they were without sin. They were naked, but they knew no shame. They were innocent. But, after they sinned, their eyes were opened and then did they know that they were without clothes. Funny thing now, don't you think? Not knowing you had any clothes on. Anyway, they then made themselves coverings. But God in His grace and mercy made them coats of animal skins to cover their whole bodies, not just their private parts. That should give us a little bit of an understanding of what kind of clothes we're supposed to wear; clothes that cover us. Of course, there are parts that are to be hidden at all times, but that doesn't mean we should all wear big trash bags to hide ourselves in. We are to be covered, though not necessarily from head to toe. There is a big difference between modesty and hiding ourselves. Although, don't you agree that most girls should probably be wearing trash bags instead of the indecent clothes they are wearing today? But, as I have said, there is a big difference. Modesty should be something we study out on our own. If the certain garment is to showy, loud, bold, revealing, tight, or anything that isn't godly, that should be enough about it. It needs to be rid of. Or maybe you are the crafty type. Make it into something that would be modest! That would be a bonus.

Modesty is really a heart issue. If your heart isn't right, you won't wear the right kind of clothes that show you as a Christian lady. Your heart has to be right first and foremost before you can change your wardrobe. After you settle your heart problem, then you can go on to change your wardrobe. A girl can be wearing "modest" clothing, but if her heart isn't in the right spot, you can tell by watching her that she really isn't modest. Just because clothes may cover you fully doesn't mean you are being modest. You have to have the right heart attitude.

Something that is really offensive to a lot of people, even Christians, is the bathing suit. For crying out loud! EVEN to Christians! Do you know just how revealing and immodest those things are? That is just the whole bathing suit. "But, one needs to have something to swim in!" Some people say. "One needs to have garments with room to swim in." My goodness! There is plenty of room, that's for sure! What about a two piece? I'd hate to find out what people would say about those things! Those pieces of trash show off more than anything. Would you step outside in only your undergarments? OF COURSE NOT! But, even those would cover you more than a bikini. I'm shocked at how even Christians tolerate these things! SHOCKED! How can they? We are ambassadors of Christ. We are the Salt and Light. How can one truly be salt and light while at the beach with a bikini on? There is a little bit of a mix-up here! Back in the Bible days, if someone was caught without their outer coat on, they were considered naked and indecent! Their underneath clothes were even more decent than all of the clothes today! There is a MAJOR problem today!

Modesty is something we need to make a comeback to. Only the right heart attitudes will change that.

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