Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Church is Established!

Sunday was a really great Sunday! Wanna know why? We constituted Covenant Baptist Church ! To those of you who don't know, 'cuz I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this, when we moved to Barnesville Ga from Sylvania, we were trying to start a church. Long process. Finally, God opened the door for my Uncle Devin Maddox, Aunt Lucy, and their three little ones to move down here. My uncle is now able to help Daddy more, which is great! Anyway, after all this time, we were able to actually establish Covenant Baptist Church! God be praised! Now He will bring the increase in His time, but in the meantime, we are to keep working.

How about I give everybody a quick summary of our lives, so nothing will be confused. ;)

We were all born in Indiana... Ok, I know what you are thinking. NORTHERNERS! AAAHHH! Not really. Thank God, we are Southerners by His grace, but also by lineage! My Grandpa Brown originally came from Mississippi. (See? What did I tell you!) He came to Indiana, got married, and started a church! Then my dad was born, grew up, went into the Marine Corps, after the Marines married my mom (who also grew up in Indiana. But. I don't think her family came from down South.) then had all first of us 7 kids! God then called us to Georgia for my dad to pastor a church. We have moved several times, all in God's will for us. Then, we moved to Barnesville, and were in the process of starting a church. Now, we have established it! We have been in Barnesville ever since the end of May/first of June. Liberty was then born!

There were times when everything seemed dismal, at different curves in the road, but God always brought us through and now here we are! To Him be all glory and praise! I am so thankful that the church has now been constituted and the charter members all present. We took a picture of everybody and I'm posting it along. Aren't we a great looking bunch? =)

So there is a little bit of history, although a lot in between I didn't cover. That would take way too much time. Perhaps you are confused? I know...I'm not a very good writer. Most people could do a lot better job. I tried though, didn't I? Right now I am so glad that God always is faithful. What could we do without Him? Nothing! is the only answer.

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