Sunday, May 13, 2012

What It Means To Be a Mother

Any woman can have a baby
But it takes much more to be a mother
A special kind of rare quality
—Something better than any other

Any woman can have a child
Even the unworthy know the way
But the rarest kind can be a mother
—Something you can't find just any day

To be a mother is a high calling
It takes a lot of sacrifice
The joy, the sorrow, the pain and tears
Is a dear, but well-worth price

A mother is a fruitful vine
Who sees children as God's reward
Her duty is to train them well
And raise them in the fear of the Lord

A mother is compassion and love
The one who kisses our bruises goodbye
In her embrace is found pleasing  peace
And on her shoulder we can cry

A mother is wreathed in gentleness
Her hands welcome a soft touch
Her voice is kind and sweet to the ear
To nothing compares her hugs—not much!

Made in beautiful form and heart
Her eyes hold heavenly wonder
She finds blessed joy in her children
She loves us even when we blunder

Even in the midst of wrong-doing
Her patience is an endless fountain
Though there are times when discipline is needed
She gladly faces each fiery mountain

A mother is one to whom children run
They can never get enough of her love
A look, a glance, the slightest touch
Has more meaning than the stars above

A mother has such influence
Her children crave her approval
She has the gift to give them care
Or drive them away with her removal

A mother will raise her children
To show them the way of life
What it means to be a godly woman
Both as a mother and a wife

She is diligent in all she does
She never wastes a precious minute
Self-sacrifice is great, but reward is greater!
Her every desire is to win it

The fruit of her hands is blessed
She is the keeper of the home
Her children will always remember their training
No matter where their feet do roam

It takes a lot to be a mother
Not just any woman can do the job
Though there is a lot of hardship
The bliss nothing can ever rob

It takes grace to be a mother
God must give the strength for each day
But oh, how sweet a baby's coo
And a child with much to say!

Though the back becomes bent with age
Though the years take their toil
A mother soon sees her babies grow up
Still she is a queen so royal

She will always be the same
Her glory will never fade
Her husband will never leave her
But keep true to the love God made

A mother is a special woman
A jewel among many thorns
Her heart is worth more than gold
Love and kindness her home adorns

Rise up and praise her, you her children
She has given you much to be thankful for
She is the treasure of the family
You could never ask for more

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