Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summertime in Georgia in Pictures

 Playing scrabble while cookies are in the oven =)

 I love the grin on my little cousin's chubby face!

Grown-up little Liberty


 Basking in sunlight and Georgia heat



 Summer figs

 My amazing artistic sister

 Mommy and Baby love

 I just love this picture of me and my cousin Annabel...she is so cute!
Not to mention that she took the picture herself

A day just isn't a day without books...


Sarah said...

Dear Rachel,
These are really lovely photos. Looks like you've got a lovely family:) May God Bless you all. Your sister seems to be good at calligraphy. I love calligraphy, too.
Joy (my younger sister) told me that you love to write. May the Lord bless you in that.

Love in Him,

Rachel said...

Thank you, Sarah. I do have a very wonderful family, and my sister is AMAZING at both calligraphy and drawing. Thank you for stopping by!

Joy said...

Yes! You must be so blessed with such a large loving family--it is such a blessing from the Lord! The photos you captured are so pretty too :).What kind of camera do you use? I really like the footage! I wonder if you might have viewed my photography blog? I am somewhat amateurish at it, but it is fun! Be blessed in Him.

Rachel said...

Thank you, Joy, it is a blessing to have a large family!

I just use a simple point-and-shoot Nikon camera...but I'm hoping that one day I can get a "real" camera. ;) Yes, I've actually been meaning to view even more of it. From what I've seen you do a very good job. Keep at it!