Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Gift To The World

Dedicated to the dearest mother in all the world: Mama

A story I would like to tell
Of a mother who did all things well
With her sweet, knowing smile
She bravely met each trial

Eight children were her degree
Love to all she would guarantee
No child shed a tear
Without Mother drawing near

No task was too big or small
She heeded the Master's call
Wife, Mother, the family's favorite cook
Smiles brightened because of her cheery outlook

No complaint came from her lips
She gave firm orders—hands on hips
With a twinkle in her eye
She bade her children "try, try, try!"

But what she did best above all
What made her stand out tall
Was her gift to the world
The gift she so elegantly unfurled

Eight children she diligently raised
They all rose up and her name praised
Her smile that seemed to shine light
Always made the bad times right

Not an idle day went passing by
She never heaved a regretful sigh
True and faithful she'll always remain
No matter the cost of treasure or pain

To one man she gave her heart
A faithful homemaker has been her part
Virtue has given her a crown of gold
Through little eyes she'll never grow old

Her hugs make the world seem new
Just to imagine I'll give you a clue
Think of a sunrise in splendor and glory
That, my friend, is the point of my story

Nothing on earth equals her charm
Not even death gives her alarm
Strong and able, beautiful in form
A dull, drab life is not her norm

Like a blazing fire gives warmth and heat
She radiates life to all she does meet
Nothing ever dampens her love
She was granted a full measure from God above

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