Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

Though sweetheart I have none
Though good works I've not done
I still have your enduring love
I thank our God from up above

I profit nothing without love
Of nothing I am of
I flounder where others swim
I hang upon a broken limb

But you, my dear, are faithful and true
Life's troubles do not make you blue
You suffer long and all things bear
You rejoice in truth and Christ's love share

Your love endures hardship and woe
You raise your head and face the foe
I'm always worthy in your sight
Despite the times when I do fight

Your hope is what keeps me strong
When I waver I am wrong
But you take my hand and clasp me tight
I needn't fear the dark cold night

My tears that fall repent of sin
I bow the knee and let Christ win
He's given you to me as a guide
Now I need not run and hide

If the earth crumbles to pieces
If the good in the world decreases
Your love will always be steadfast
Your faithfulness will forever last

When I am sad you cheer me
When I am gloomy you are the key
Your gentle spirit provokes no anger
Your patient chastisement refutes my languor

I, your child, am weak and frail
My mistakes are horrid and stale
Though others laugh and sneer with glee
You, my valentine, will always love me.

My tears you wipe away
Your tender eyes hold me stay
My little hands you clasp in your own
True love your life to me has shown

I'll treasure always your tender embrace
You've never given up despite the chase
Though I fall and cannot rise
You take my hand and disprove the lies

Your care in my childhood will one day show fruit
When I think of indifference the pain is acute
One day I'll mature and understand real love
May I grow wise and fly like a dove

When I was child I though as a child
My imagination was continually riled
But in your love I grew strong
Because of your love I was cleansed from my wrong

Thank you, dear valentine, for faithful years gone by
I shall ever remember your love with a tender sigh
May I one day be just like you
And display true love that sparkles like dew

One day I too shall have little children
I cannot see now but God knows when
By His grace may I be patient and strong
And teach them, like you've done, to stay from all wrong

My valentine, my dear, my heaven-sent jewel
You've done your duty as God's magnificent tool
No flowery speech can sum the words
But this you must know: my love for you will never be blurred.

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