Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Little Flower's Ditty

 I am a little flower
I neither toil nor spin
But my heavenly Father
Knows the state I'm in

The grassy field's my home
I frolic and I dance
Nothing can disturb me
For this is my last chance

Tomorrow I may wither
I neither know nor care
For my heavenly Father
Thinks I'm very rare

These silly careworn humans
They don't know what they miss
For I bloom in sunshine
With my Father's kiss

 I don't worry about raiment
See my petals here?
My stature is just right
My friends are very near

Why do these humans doubt?
God's arms are opened wide
In His embrace He'll care for us
What a glorious ride!

Why can't all be like me
And most assuredly know?
God cares for each one of us
We shouldn't dwell on woe

I am a lowly flower
But why should I care?
Solomon in all his glory
All this could not share

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