Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Feeling a little dissatisfied?

 Ever since I was little, I have wanted to be a great writer.  I remember trying to write made-up stories when I was really young, at eight and ten years old.  What a thrill it was to put down that story in my head or make up a real live person, all in my imagination of course.  I wish I still had those stories I tried from years back.  Wouldn't they be something to re-read!  Perhaps give me an insight on the little-kid-brain I used to have. (...that might still linger?)

Even today I still try my hand at writing stories.  But there are so may times I get dissatisfied with myself.  I can't seem to put what I want exactly into words, I can't make that person seem real enough, I can't find the right word, or I just can't seem to do it!  I want to give up right then and there.  Yet, God has given me that ability, meager though it may be.  Don't we all get dissatisfied with things every now and then?  It seems like everyday I find something I'm not satisfied with.  Writing, playing my instruments, cooking, school...the list could go on and on.  However, I need to realize that everything is a gift from God. 

He has given us everything we could ever need.  He has supplied us with everything He had planned out from the very beginning.  Nothing is the opposite of what He already intended.  Our looks, body, families, friends, possessions, abilities, everything is exactly the way He intended.

So, next time you want to frown down upon something, remember God gave that to you, and you should never be dissatisfied.  Be content.  Yes, I know it is hard, but we can try.

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."  -Philippians 4:13

Through Him all things are possible.  But make sure you give Him all the glory; everything starts with God.  Remember that.

Now I feel ready to work on one of my stories.  Writing does that for me.  I always feel refreshed and energized after writing down my thoughts.  I may not be able to word things right but...I try.  I do thank God for everything He has given me.  Praise Him along with me!

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